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We have a large and reliable fleet of vehicles that are capable of handling a wide range of cargo, and I believe we would be an excellent partner for your logistics needs.

Fleet Services

  • Large and reliable fleet of vehicles capable of handling a wide range of cargo

  • Strong track record of on-time delivery and excellent customer service

  • Competitive pricing and flexible scheduling options

  • Experienced and knowledgeable team of fleet managers and drivers

  • Advanced technology for tracking and monitoring shipments in real-time

  • Compliance with all relevant safety and regulatory standards

  • Strong partnerships with other logistics providers to facilitate seamless, end-to-end service

  • Strong focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

About LEC Trucking LLC

In the commercial transportation industry, fleet owners are known as carriers, who own and operate the transportation vehicles and have contracts with shippers to move their freight from one place to another.

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